HIRDA Celebrates international women's day

The celebration of this important day took place this year in Mogadishu. The event was aimed to highlight the importance of empowerment of Somali women through education, employment, political participation and entrepreneurship skills development.   
HIRDA works towards strengthening the self-reliance of women, enhancing their involvement in negotiations and decision-making processes, and raising awareness on the harmful consequences of FGM.

During the preparation of the event, HIRDA team in Mogadishu met with local women and leaders of the women organizations who addressed the issue at hand. The event was graced with poems by female poets, who, using traditional poetry highlighted the importance of International Women’s Day. The arrangement of the event was organized with two local women NGO’s called HANAD and SOWPA.

In the Netherlands, the director of HIRDA Foundation participated in a discussion session organized by One World and WE Women. This interactive event was aimed to discuss women and leadership. The director highlighted the importance of capacity building and education to empower women.  

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