Follow-up training: Diaspora giving back!


HIRDA team in Mogadishu gave last week a follow-up training to students from Mogadishu universities. As part of initiative Diaspora giving back project, that aims to empower youth in Somalia.. HIRDA gives weekly trainings mainly entrepreneurship and job skills  to the students and graduates by a Somali Diaspora in Mogadishu.

HIRDA  has a close relationship with university students and graduates in Mogadishu. These  young students are in dire need  of extra trainings from professionals in order to be able to succeed in their study and their future employment. The recent training was about the importance of entrepreneurship, setting up a business plan, good governance, job training and leadership. The trainings were given by two Diaspora members from UK and the Netherlands.
These trainings also serve as encouragement for youth to start their own business and  to find job to  be independent. Youth unemployment is a big issue in Somalia specially in the capital city where the youth turn to migration or radicalization. With these trainings HIRDA is aiming to prevent the youth from leaving the country or joining armed groups. 

After each training there are discussion were the students exchange their views and opinions about the subjects they are having. There is also time reserved for suggestion were the students can suggest subjects that they think is important and should be added into the future trainings. Students get assignments every week work on. Students are also very enthusiastic and willing to gain more knowledge and skills to be able to work independent.

Are you a Somali Diaspora in Mogadishu and willing to be involved contact us: [email protected]


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