Introduction: Story of Change

April 10th, 2015
HIRDA collaborated with Oxfam Novib in a large impact-evaluation study to conduct a research about the state of FGM practices in Somalia in 2012. As a follow-up of this research, Oxfam introduced a new method called Story of Change. This new method is qualitative in-depth research meant to identify and measure the effect of projects that have been implemente…

Celebration of International Women's Day

March 16th, 2015
HIRDA organized international women’s day celebrations in Netherlands and in Somalia. The event was organized in Somalia to identify the obstacles to the progress and development of women in the Somali community and to also identify ways of finding solutions to these obstacles. HIRDA and its partners recommended different themes to be discussed during the …

Ajax Foundation donates shoes to Somali orphans

January 28th, 2015
Ajax Foundation is known for its generous donations. The Foundation has previously donated sports kits consisted training suits and official playing kits. Now it granted a donation of sports shoes for underprivileged children and orphans in Somalia. As an organization striving to make a difference in a war-torn country, our foremost objective is to facilita…

Reeuwijk win the HIRDA AFT 2014

December 25th, 2014
The tenth anniversary of Amsterdam Futsal Tournament was concluded with a grand final match between Reeuwijk (NL) vs Denhaag (NL), where Reeuwijk won the tournament with 3-0 victory over Denhaag (NL). HIRDA Amsterdam Futsal Tournament (AFT) is held annually in Sporthallen Zuid Amsterdam, as this year marks the 10th anniversary since the games were establish…
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