New Deal Compact between EU and Somalia

September 16th, 2013
Somalia receives 1.8 billion euros from the European Union (EU) and international donors to support further political and sustainable economic development in the East African country. The European Union donates 650 million euro and countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom provide the rest. The EU has come to this pledge together with th…

Somali President speaks to its Diaspora

September 16th, 2013
Monday September 16 is an important breakthrough and turning point for the Somali people. Today, exactly 1,8 billion euro has been promised by the EU and the international community at ‘A New Deal Conference in Brussels. Many Somali Diaspora from whole Europe have come to Brussels to witness the agreement on the new Compact made by the EU and the Somali gove…

Returning opportunities to Somalia

September 14th, 2013
HIRDA cooperates with International Organisation of Migration (IOM) on a project that provides qualified Diaspora from different countries the opportunity to contribute to capacity building in their country of origin. Somalia is one of the countries that have a desperate need for skilled and experienced people to help build governmental sectors that are unde…

Info session: Temporary return to Somalia

July 15th, 2013
On Saturday September 14th, from 14.00-17.00, HIRDA and International Office for Migration (IOM) will provide an information session on the possibility for Somali migrants within Europe to temporarily return to Somalia to contribute to the development of their home country. The IOM matches a migrant with specific skills and knowledge to a local organisation …
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