Proud of me: A campaign that exists of several projects to eradicate and raise awareness about female circumcision. HIRDA aims to change attitudes and increase gender equality.

Proud of me

This campaign aims to ban the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), a painful and involuntary form of female circumcision. This operation is often executed under very basic conditions without any medication and moreover, the health benefits are zero. A hopeful sign is that FGM is forbidden under the new Somali constitution, but in practice it has not disappeared yet. HIRDA has made counteracting FGM one of its top priorities and wants to ban it nation-wide. In collaboration with local communities and Somali based NGOs, HIRDA has organized several projects to raise awareness about FGM and eventually ban it.

Click on the link and read more about HIRDA’s work on gender equality and women empowerment and contribute to the Proud of me campaign, so HIRDA can continue its important work on gender issues in Somalia.

Alliance Against Hunger & Malnutrition Campaign. A global partnership to eradicate hunger and malnutrition throughout Somalia and strengthen the livelihood of Somali communities.

Alliance Against Hunger & Malnutrition Campaign

In 2011, Somalia was struck by an extreme drought, resulting in a very harsh famine and a national food crisis. The crisis is over, but conditions are still precarious and there have not been any sustainable solutions implemented. Still there are people in need and dying because of food shortages according to the UN. In order to contribute towards creating food security, HIRDA initiated the establishment of an Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition (AAHM) which is part of a global partnership to fight hunger and elevate it on the international agenda. HIRDA identified regional NGOs who can be involved, and conducted meetings with local authorities to present the proposal of setting up this national alliance. Click here for more information.

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