Women in Somalia celebrating Women's Day

Schermafbeelding_2013-05-16_om_22.39.18.pngToday is the International Women’s day 2013; a good reason to pay special attention to the social position and role of women all over the world. In Somalia, there is much work to be done to reduce the inequalities between men and women. Today, our partners throughout Somalia organize different activities and gatherings to celebrate the International Women’s Day with the support of HIRDA Netherlands.

In Burao and Hargeisa, in Somaliland, gatherings are organized for women to share their experiences and knowledge with regard to political participation, peace development, economic empowerment, hygiene and solutions to stop violence against women. Now that Somalia is becoming increasingly stabilized, women want and need to define the ways in which they can contribute to develop Somalia.

HIRDA Mogadishu will initiate a campaign today to oppose early marriage and raise awareness about its negative consequences for young girls. Parents often use marriage as a way to provide for their daughter's future, to build and strengthen alliances, settle disputes or pay off debts. However, early marriage seriously hampers a girl’s chances to continue her education and socio-economic development.

In the Gedo region, a discussion meeting will take place about malnutrition of mothers and children. In this region, too many mothers lose their lives while giving birth and children die at a young age due to malnutrition. A diverse audience is invited to hear different views on what has been done in the past, by whom, and how to find an efficient approach to the widespread problem.

HIRDA knows that there is still a lot to be done to enhance the position of women in our societies. HIRDA wishes you all an instructive and warm Women’s day.

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