We work to end violence

NoViolence_Know_Peace.jpgThis last week we learned about the horrific terror attack in the shopping mall West Gate in Nairobi, Kenya. This atrocious act, which caused casualties of many different nationalities, filled us with abhorrence. The attack has been demanded by the Somali organisation Al-Shabaab. In the news roomers say also Somali from Canada, the United States, Finland and the Netherlands participated in this attack. In name of the Somali Diaspora in the Netherlands we condemn this terroristic dead. Our hearts go out to all the casualties and their surviving relatives. We wish all people concerned strength and relief during this dark time.

As former refugees we personally experienced how war and violence almost destroyed Somalia. Somali’s poor situation offers the youngsters little perspective and this despair leads to violence. Terroristic organisations make use of this situation, while framing their act in a religious scope. As Diaspora we continue to put our effort into the development of stability and peace in Somalia, in order to prevent horrific acts like this in the future.

By investing in the development of a stable political system, infrastructure and a healthy economy in Somalia, we aim to offer the youth perspective on a brighter future. Besides we should focus on improving social services like education, health care, and women empowerment, which are very important to create a stable society. The Somali Diaspora plays an important role in the development of their home country. Therefore, and to prevent terroristic attacks like the one in Nairobi, we keep on contributing to a peaceful Somalia.  

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