Vote for HIRDA to raise funds


HIRDA's project ‘Resilience through Sport’, is selected by the Oranjefonds foundation as a possible Kroonappel (crown apple in English). With this project HIRDA aims to engage the Diaspora youth in the development of their home country as well as to improve the integration of Somali refugee youth to their host country. Being nominated by the Oranjefonds foundation means that HIRDA can win a prize amount of 50.000 euro and a huge increase in the awareness of the organization. To win the title of Kroonappel, you can vote for HIRDA’s project in the weekend of 15, 16 and 17 march. To vote, click here. The more votes we get, the more chance of winning the title of Kroonappel. So please, do not let your voice unused and vote for ‘Resilience through Sport’. 

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