Twelve new ambassadors to fight FGM

Somalia is twelve FGM ambassadors richer who will use their voice to lobby against female circumcision in Somalia. For three days they received training in lobbying and advocacy by the local Somali NGO Action for Gender and Development (AGAD). During the training they developed the required skills in order to reach different community members about the long term painful medical consequences of FGM.

Women empowerment
The new group of ambassadors include women who are active in different work fields, varying from businesswomen, to teachers, midwifes, community developers and even one former female circumciser. All these women have experience in enhancing their efforts to increase women empowerment. With the workshop certificate in their pocket the women will now reach out to people in the field varying from local governmental members to women, parents, and girls. This way the ambassadors hope to contribute to the fight against the practice of female mutilation.

HIRDA is very proud to be the financial supporter of this training.

View below who these courageous women are:

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