Somali famous singer brings people to cry

Somalis from all parts of the Netherlands gathered together in Amsterdam in wait of the Somali legendary singer Ahmed Naaji Sa’ad, who is popular for his moving songs and lyrics for decades. HIRDA organized this event to honour and thank Sa'ad for his music that has contributed to reconciliation and peace building in Somalia. Together with SOMVAO (Somalische Vereniging Amsterdam en Omgeving), HIRDA invited the singer – who at the moment lives in the United Kingdom – to perform in the Netherlands and to speak inspiring words about Somalia's fight against colonisation and the current important role of the Diaspora to development in Somalia. 

HIRDA honoured Sa'ad for his contribution to peace building
Sa’ad was very moved when he received an official trophy from HIRDA director Fatumo Farah, resembling a hand holding a microphone. HIRDA honoured Sa'ad with this trophy, as it symbolized the empowering effect that his songs and lyrics have brought to the Somali people during the years of conflict. Sa’ad fought with his microphone instead of a weapon. 


Sa'ad reconnected the audience with their past in Somalia
Through the songs that Sa'ad sang during the evening, the singer reconnected the audience with their youthful days and the beautiful memories of their lives in Somalia before the civil war and destruction. An effusive mood engulfed the occasion as the maestro belted out a couple of his famous songs from the times of oppression – tears running down their cheeks.  

Missed it? No worries! Listen below to a song performed during the evening! 

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Jam sessions
The whole evening was filled with Somali classical songs, mixed with improvisation and jam sessions with other Somali singers like Laki Haji and Abdi Baadil.

Somali Ambassador to the EU
It was a fun-filled occasion each and every Somali could rue to have missed. The presence of – not least – the Somali Ambassador to the EU Ali Said Faqi only served to underscore the momentousness of the event. The diplomat came all the way from Brussels to join the merry-making.

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Can't you get enough of it? View below another musical part of the evening!

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