School Girls Gain ICT Skills

Women play a critical role in the development of a country. It is in appreciation of this fact that HIRDA commits to fighting gender inequality in Somalia. One of HIRDA’s approaches in this regard is by supporting the education of the girl child in Somalia. And, this includes both primary and secondary education.

ICT Skills a Recipe for Development

In a technology driven era, the importance of gaining ICT skills cannot be gainsaid. ICT is essential for the creation of effective human capital in any society and in order to survive, develop oneself and to become an active participant in social and political society, it is impertive to possess ICT competencies. HIRDA, therefore, trained secondary school girls in Garboharray on the use a computer in general and different computer programmes specifically in order to enhance the girls’ job security in the future. 

Satellite Internet in Garboharrey

In order to put this project into practice, HIRDA successfully set up a satellite link in Garboharrey that provides the local communities access to internet services . As a result, the girls are able to learn how to use Microsoft Office programmes (word, excel and power point) and basic internet, in order to find websites and resources for their educational needs. The services are provided free of charge to the secondary school girls and the larger community.

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