PharmaAccess Won Dutch Charity Cup 2015

                                                 Kickoff Poverty 
On Satuday 13th of June HIRDA organized successfully the Dutch Charity Cup 2015 in Amsterdam. The charity cup is one day football tournament for Dutch charity organizations. This year 24 NGO’s  participated in the tournanet among them were Oxfam Novib, Cordaid Amnesty International,  War child and many more. The aim of the tournament is networking and sharing experiences on the field of development aid. The theme of the tournament this year was Kickoff Poverty. Pharma Acces team won with 1-0 in a penalty against Cordaid in the final match and won the cup this year.  All participating teams were enthusiastic and played well. 

Award ceremony

HIRDA has introduced this year, in addition to the trophy for the winning team, three new awards. These awards were Fair-play award, Diversity award and Encouragement award. During the award ceremony three teams were fortunate to receive these prizes.  HIRDA board members were present to give the prizes to the teams.

Fair play award, possibly the most valuable award because it was voted for by the participants and  aimed for most sportive team went to Gelijk=Anders team.  The prize for most diverse team was awarded to team Partos. Encouragement award went to Oxfam Novib, who scored less in the tournament (Note: Gelijk=anders, HIRDA and Partos also scored less gaols, however partos and Gelijk anders  already received awards and HIRDA  was excluded itself from all prizes)

Barbecue and After-party
After the ceremony there was a barbecue for the present teams.  The winning team celebrated their achievement. HIRDA provided the music and the DJ and finally, everyone enjoyed a nice meal with a nice music.
HIRDA was honoured to organize the cup this year. With a blend of experience and a dedicated team consists staff and volunteers HIRDA has successfully hosted the event.

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