Nike Donates Sports Clothing

For more than a decade HIRDA has been active in promoting sport in Somalia as a tool for peace and development in its Sport, Peace & Development Programme. By bringing young people together to play sports and by addressig issues such as; violence and clan disputes through sport tournaments, HIRDA believes it contributes to peace building and social development of the country. Therefore, HIRDA is very grateful for the support of Nike, who distributed sports clothing in several Somali regions. The donation included blue Nike training shirts and shoes. 


Nike Distribution at HIRDA's football tournaments
Football remains the most popular sport among Somali youth. This has given HIRDA the opportunity to organise successful football tournaments in Somalia as well as in the Netherlands. On the day of distribution, HIRDA organised a tournament between young people from different backgrounds and clans. There were in total three football tournaments, which took place on various locations: from a secondary school to a local refugee camp in Galkayo for Internally Displaced People and in an orphanage in Borma. All tournament participants received Nike sport clothing.  


Specific attention to orphans and IDPs
In Somalia, HIRDA focuses on orphans and internal refugees because of the vulnerability of this group. In Somalia there are more than one million internally displaced people who fled drought or violence. They live in camps outside cities and towns and there is limited attention towards this vulnerable group. Therefore, HIRDA is keen to reach out to this group and improve their livelihood. 

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