Improved education in 26 schools in Dolow

Community Education Committees (CEC) are typically the first manifestations of civil society in post-conflict areas. CECs monitor and supervise the way teachers conduct classroom activities in order to improve the quality of education. Therefore, HIRDA has provided on-job training to 182 CEC-members from 26 schools in Dolow.

Learned skills
During this training they learned about school administration and how to develop school policies in order to create one throughout all Gedo region. Furthermore, the CECs were trained how to create awareness on the importance of education for all children in the community. The ultimate aim is to raise the enrolment. Therefore, the CECs also focus on building trust among community members in order to improve access to education for marginalized groups, like girls, women, people with disabilities and minorities.

Education contributes to peace building
As a result of this on-job training local communities in Gedo are empowered, school management policies are strengthened and enrolment of children in schools has increased – activities which can be seen as an indication of peace building on local level. Within communities education serves in restoring confidence and trust in governments and the future of the society as a whole. Education can minimize inequalities or grievances among conflict-affected communities, and it can strengthen the values, attitudes and beliefs that support peace.  


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