‘I am a woman and I do not practice FGM’

Through TV, radio, and online social media 10.000 people throughout Somalia could hear for four months about the many problems women and young girls are facing in their daily lives as a result of FGM. With the support of HIRDA, local partner organisation AGAD launched a campaign from November 2013 until March 2014 to inform people about the medical consequences of female mutilation.

Targeting parents, girls and communities
By broadcasting on a weekly basis life experiences of women and girls who have undergone FGM, HIRDA and AGAD targeted parents, as well as girls as well as communities. Parents were encouraged to stop circumcising their girls. Girls were encouraged to speak about FGM and the community was educated and informed about the medical consequences.  “I am an indigenous woman, and I do not practice FGM”, stated a Somali woman in a village in Puntland, during one of the weekly radio debates that reached thousands of Somali listeners.

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