HIRDA wins Achievers Award 2013

The Voice Magazine Achievers Award Committee has honoured HIRDA with the Outstanding Community Service Award 2013. HIRDA received this honourable price for its activities in the fields of education, health services, accommodation and women’s rights. “HIRDA is exceptional in providing and improving the basic needs of life for the indigent Africans and promotion of sustainable development and peace in the country.”, states Elvis Ndubuisi Iruh of The Voice Magazine. The ceremony took place at The Voice 14th anniversary on October 12th 2013 to celebrate the immense contribution of Africans to social advancement in various fields of human endeavour.

HIRDA has been selected as one of the nominees for The Voice Achievers Awards for promotion of African cultures and values in a positive way and for contributing to its home country. Fatumo Farah, Director of HIRDA is very pleased to receive the award for its effort to improve the social and economic situation in Somalia. Elvis Ndubuisi Iruh explains: “We honour you for your role and awareness on the plight of millions of people in your homeland. HIRDA has truly become a champion of community mobilization. We admire your various established institutions for community development targeting the rural poor in Somalia.”

The Voice Magazine is created to give a voice for Africans across Europe. The Magazine is redefining how Africa is presented to the global audience in a better view displaying the beauty of Africa and its people. 

See below the highlights of the Award Ceremony:

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