HIRDA team Field visit

In February this year HIRDA team lead by its director and a board member has visited ongoing projects in Somaliland (Hargaisa, Arabasio, Barbara and Gabiley).  This was the first time that such team consisting management and board members visited in this area.

 In Berbera security is not an issue, however, it needs more development, “Said Fatumo Farah

The  aim of  the  HIRDA visit  has three folds: to gain  knowledge  about the ongoing projects  in Somaliland , consultation of  HIRDA strategic plan (2015-2020) with HIRDA staff and partners and the challenges  that affect their work . In addition to this HIRDA team want to meet with local authorities, head of the HIRDA supported schools and project beneficiaries.

HIRDA has implemented a number of projects in Somaliland  in the last three years.  These projects include humanitarian aid and development. We also supported those communities in terms of livestock, agriculture, marketing, and food security, education on school hygiene and sanitation.In addition to developing the capacity of community and governmental institutions and conflict resolution.

During the site visit HIRDA team has organized meeting with different stakeholders including partners, beneficiaries and local authority to discuss how to improve our work and the effectiveness of the projects. We have seen that the  support of HIRDA is significant for the local community, for instance one of the beneficiaries of agriculture project in Arabsio said “My crop production has improved since I  got  seeds assistance from HIRDA". In the nearby village gabilay where HIRDA has established a community organization platform known as talowadaag which is lobbying for community needs, are now in talks with the government on for better schooling and water facilities.

The stakeholders were enthusiastic about the meeting and the support of HIRDA in general. During the discussions, they have shown their needs and propossed how HIRDA can help the community for self-reliance.
In general, HIRDA team has witnessed the impact of the projects in Somaliland and its effect which inspired and motivated them to double their effort more and reach out to a larger community. 

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