HIRDA IDP's family assistance

During the Ramadan, HIRDA implemented family assistance project with support Human Concern international. The aim of this project was to address malnutrition, food security and mental well-being of families living under the poverty line and the priority of this project was especially for Children and women.  The project  consisted of three components; food basket  distribution, IFTAR, and Aid clothing for the children

This project was carried out in two towns which were: Abudwak, and Baidoa. These towns were specifically target due to the high numbers of IDPs stationed. These people were marginalized vulnerable groups that have problems of food insecurity, lack of shelter, inflation, and shortage of humanitarian aid.

thumbnail_image1.jpgThe project  has three components   which are:

Distribution of food basket: This food distribution is given families of 5-6 people for one month and the table below explains the quotes of food in each basket.  each family received dates (5kg), sugar (12.50kg), flour (12.5kg), rice (12.5kg) and cooking oil(3ltr 

Distribution of warm cooked meals: These warm (IFTAR) meals were meant for people living below the poverty line and could not afford cooked meals during the holy month of Ramadan. These meals were given out the During Ramadan  Month

Distribution of new clothes to children for the Eid celebration. These clothes are distributed to IDP families children who cannot afford to buy new clothes for their children during the Eid celebration.  100 children in Abudwak and Baidoa are given Eid clothing, gifts, and candies.

HIRDA as Diaspora organization is pleased to have taken part in this humanitarian project that made many IDP families possible to ease the difficult time and made children joyful during the celebration of Eid Holiday celebration



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