HIRDA at Global Somali Diaspora Conference

“United we stand, divided we fall” - Eng. Jibril

Being one of the pioneers of diaspora organisations in the developing sector, HIRDA had the opportunity to participate in the official formation of the new Global Somali Diaspora Organisation. The rise of the organisation took place at the Global Somali Diaspora Conference in Istanbul from the 21st until the 22nd of June 2014.  Its main aim is to connect communities and to mobilise them for a positive action.


Unified Global Somali Diaspora organisation
Besides Fatumo Farah, director of HIRDA, more than hundred leaders, activists, professionals and community representatives from all over the world attended the conference and agreed on the importance of a unified global Somali Diaspora Organisation. It is a non-political, membership-based, advocacy organisation that strives to become a home for all peoples of Somali origin. The organisation will work together with all governments, regions, organisations and groups to have a beneficial impact on Somali people.


The Global Somali Diaspora Organisation will focus on the mobilisation and empowerment of the Somali communities in the diaspora, promote the language, culture and heritage of Somali people and provide a voice for all issues pertinent for the Somali communities in the diaspora as well as in the homeland. 

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey
The conference was honoured by the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Professior Emrullah Isler. who expressed his deep admiration of the Somali people and underlined the importance of the Diaspora as a tool for change in the home country. He affirmed that Turkey will continue its support to rebuild the economic, social and institutional frameworks to make Somalia into an effectively functioning state for the future. The former Somali Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Osman Jama Kaluun, was also present at the conference: “It is the only conference or gathering of Somalis I have attended where people have been united by an idea. This is unique and refreshing.” 

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