HIRDA at Dutch Charity Cup 2014 Final

HIRDA clashed against Medicins du Monde in the final match of the NGOs Charity Cup held on Saturday, June 14, in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, after a gruelling  match, HIRDA received a 0-5 trashing at the hands of the current champions, becoming the second-placed team in the annual Dutch charity NGOs football tournament.

Being a losing finalist, however, means HIRDA will have the honour to organize next year's Dutch Charity Cup, which had been conducted this year by the Dutch chapter of Medecins sans Frontiere. The once-in-a year Charity Cup aims to bring Dutch development organisations together in an informal way. 

HIRDA is looking forward to organizing the next one day tournament. It will, doubtless, be a challenging task. However, HIRDA is privileged to draw experiences from the organisation of its very own tournaments. With a blend of experience and a dedicated team comprising of staff and volunteers, HIRDA is at pole position to successfully host the event.  


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