Happy Women's Day!

They contain half of the population in the world, but in many places they still need to fight for their rights: women! Every year on March 8, therefore, the world stands still to recognize the important role women play. As Somalia is one of these countries where women empowerment is one of the top priorities, HIRDA joins the celebration of international women’s day. In this light, HIRDA takes this special day as an opportunity to proudly announce it has finished a training of 75 women and girls in different places in the country on the use of pads. HIRDA developed and produced the pads to provide women the chance to continue their daily lives while having their period in a comfortable way. The test group included 25 girls from a university in Mogadishu, 13 girls from a secondary school in Mahmud Mire, 25 girls from a secondary school in Al-Furqan and 12 women from IDP camps. 


One gentle wash and the pad is clean
Most women were very content of the blue coloured pads, as they have a good look and contain an absorbent cotton material. A lot of girls need to attach extra cotton to hold the blood on the more heavy days until they are back home from school. With the blue pads it is very easy to attach extra cotton. At first, some women and girls were afraid whether carrying the pads would be harmful. Thanks to the training they learned how they can benefit from the pads. Furthermore, the women learned how easy it is to wash and dry the pads. They realized that one gentle wash is enough to clean and then you can hang it outside without feeling any shame. The only recommendation of the women was to add more extra cotton as it is not always possible to wash the pad at university or at a working place. Women from the IDP camps welcomed the pad since it is for them not possible to by similar products themselves. 

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