Fifty women empowered with computer skills

Women in the Gedo region of Somalia are now computer literate, thanks to our Women Empowerment Programme. Fifty women have been equipped with computer skills and competencies, following a seven day training where they learned how to use MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Windows XP and Windows 8.

Additionally, the women are now able to find information on any subject they are interested in, but with a special focus on FGM and violence against women as this practice occurs on a regular basis. Thanks to the training, organised by the local Somali NGO Action for Gender and Development, women and girls learned where to go when they want to find more information on these subjects. Besides computer skills, the fifty women improved their English language skills as the ICT lessons were followed up by an English course for another seven days. HIRDA is proud to have made the capacity building of the fifty women financialy possible. 

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