HIRDA at Global Forum on Migration & Development (GFMD) 2014

“Migration contributes to economic growth and international development by serving as a channel for remittances, the transfer of skills and ideas and the establishment of commercial and cultural networks. Therefore, the role of the diaspora and migrants in development should be included as a prominent feature in any post 2015 agenda.” Stated Fatumo Farah, Director of HIRDA, in a speech read at the Global Forum on Migration & Development in Stockholm.
HIRDA had been asked for its perspective on migration and global development from a diaspora point of view.


How do migrants and migration impact human and economic development? Do migrants and migration need to be integrated into the post-2015 agenda and national development policies? These questions and many more formed the crux of Farah's speech At the Civil Society Days 2014 of the Global Forum on Migration & Development in Stockholm. Farah demonstrated with a video what the contribution of the Somali diaspora to the development of Somalia was during the last fifteen years:

  • Education of children has increased significantly;
  • A growing amount of people have gained knowledge, skills and facilities to provide basic health services and more;
  • More women learned how to stand up for themselves, strengthen their social and political participation within their communities and started their own small shops to provide themselves an income to sustain their daily livelihoods.

View at 2:09:24 Farah's complete and inspiring speech.

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“We have changed the lives of a lot of Somali people. Children who graduated from our schools are now working with international NGOs. They are participating in the political process and impacting the Somali society positively. That is our contribution.” explains Fatumo Farah.

“We advocate for migrants in the host country to come together and make a five year action plan on international development work. We should translate the development policy needs of our home country to the national governments of the host country; we should make the international development policies based on local needs.”

Most states that are member of the United Nations have attended the Global Forum. 

Below, is the video that HIRDA used to prove the diaspora's contribution to development in Somalia.

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