HIRDA Supports Somalia Taekwondo Team

HIRDA is proud to be one of the many supporters providing financial assistance to the national Somali Taekwondo team during the recent competition. The team is composed of Somali diaspora youngsters living in Switzerland. One of the donations included brand new training suits for the athletes. HIRDA supported the Somali taekwondo team because as a diaspora oranization we aim to ensure the Somali diaspora reach their full potential so they can in turn contribute to peace building and development in Somalia. 


Taekwondo helps the country to climb out of poverty
Invaluable donations from all around the world made it possible for the Somali Taekwondo Federation to support Somali athletes to achieve their full potential and, further, to prepare them for major competitions. Thanks to the devoted attention from the professional trainer from Brazil, the Somali athletes now participate in different international tournaments and are winning medals. As a result, the Somali National Taekwondo Team has brought hope to the country that it can climb out of crippling poverty through sport. 

3rd place for Somalia at African Taekwondo Championships 2014
According to the national team, this is the first time in history that Somalia has come so far in an olympic sport. For the first time, athletes from Somalia ended up in the finals of the Continental African Taekwondo Championships 2014 in Tunis and clinched a bronze medal. 


A spot in World Championships
One of the winning athletes from the Somali National Taekwondo Team is Faisal J. Aweys. After a gruelling battle, in which he won with 14 to 7, he is very happy to be guaranteed a spot at the World Championships. And with it, they are one step closer to their ultimate goal of featuring in the 2016 Olympic Games. 


 On the left: Faisal J. Aweys, one of the high level Somali taekwondo athletes, who won from Mozambique with 14-7. On the right: Brazilian trainer of the Somali taekwondo team. 

See you at the Olympics
HIRDA takes the opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your great material and financial support. We can assure you that your donations have been prudently used. Any surplus will be donated to an NGO that helps fight against poverty in Somalia. Hopefully, we meet again at the Olympics in 2016! 

Somali_Taekwondo.jpgFaisal J. Aweys during a training for the African Taekwondo Championships 2014

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