Board Member Visits HIRDA Sites

Board Member tours by HIRDA sites
Ismail Ali, Vice-President of HIRDA, just returned from his field trip to Somalia, where he executed an organisational, internal self-assessment. Its aim: to describe the used methods, findings and lessons learned and to help facilitate a thriving internal environment since HIRDA is in the process of finalizing the strategic plan for 2015-2020.
Ismail visited all HIRDA offices in Somalia including Gedo region offices which have not been possible before due to the security situation of this region. His primary responsibility was to assess how the local HIRDA teams function in Somalia and to conduct on-site inspections of how projects are implemented. In addition to that, he gave capacity building trainings to all HIRDA staff members in Somalia. 


First stop: Mogadishu
Ismail first visited sites in Mogadishu, where  HIRDA has projects such as; school hygiene and sanitation project, education network meetings, Child sponsorship and Sport peace tournaments. During his stay Ismail met with head of schools and school football teams and discussed how schools can collaborate with HIRDA. 

Next stop: Gedo region
In Gedo region, where most  of HIRDA's  projects are being implemented, Ismail visited the HIRDA teams in Dolow and Beled Hawo. “Among different schools, health posts and IDP camps that I went to in this region, one of my main destinations was the newly built school Durow Primary, with seven classrooms and four toilets, which has been funded by UNICEF and implemented by HIRDA. It was good to see that all school equipment and learning materials were complete before the school will open in September 2014. “Furthermore, l was very impressed with the health team and their collaborative approach in Gedo, which has resulted in an appropriate public health service for the local people”, states Ismail. “Moreover, the continuing immunization efforts in this area have reduced diseases among children, although malnutrition remains a critical concern and there is extreme poverty in many parts in this region.


Final stop: Hargeisa 
The HIRDA team in Hargeisa is currently working on the cross border with Ethiopia where it aims to invest in structural poverty reduction by tackling the causes of insecurity for poor pastoralists and agropastoralists on the borderline. “During the assessment I saw that farmers in Afgoi, Sheikh and Hargeisa receive seed supplies and are being trained with new techniques to increase their agricultural production. Furthermore, I witnessed the teams working on hygiene and sanitation in schools. The water supply is being maintained, sanitation kits are being distributed, latrines are being build and teachers receive health trainings. Finally, I attended a football match organized by HIRDA for orphanages in Hargeisa. The youngsters just received sport materials donated by Nike and Ajax.

To finalize the assessment Ismail met with local beneficiaries, and all the team leaders participated in a discussion on team building and the future road map of HIRDA. The results will be published in a report in the near future. 

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