Amsterdam Football Tournament AFT 2017


On 23th and 24th December 2017, HIRDA successfully organized again the HIRDA Tournament “Amsterdam Futsal Tournament”(AFT) 2017. The tournament was won by Somali team from Germany. The team from Hoorn (NL) took the second place of AFT 2017. A total of 20 teams participated the tournament this year whereby 17 from the Netherland and three from Sweden, Germany and UK. the team from Holland were: Hoorn, Tilburg, Arnhem, Den Helder, Rotterdam, Amersfoort , Purmerend, Groningen, Nijkerk, Waterland, Winterswijk Venlo, Brandrecht, Hogezand, Amstelveen (v/d buurt).

It began with a qualification matches on the 24th December 2017. 12 teams were qualified for the second day of the tournament. they have divided again four groups of three.

the aim of the tournament is to build the network of the Somali youth in Europe and their coaches so that communities can learn from each other and share their experience where they came from. this one of the event that Somali youth waits all the year and we are committed to organizing each year.

Besides the tournament, HIRDA organizes side events for discussion between the youth coaches and the youth them self. Such last two year we included this year HIRDA achievers award for the Somali individuals who have contributed the community or achieved something in the Netherlands. At the opening ceremony participant were given 5 statements discuss that related to sport, education, women’s participation and the ways to contribute to the development in Somalia. The event was a great success and will be organized this year as well.

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