Ajax Foundation Donates Sport Kits

HIRDA received a donation of sports kit from Ajax Foundation. The donation comprising of multi-coloured training suits and official playing kits of the Amsterdam based outfit were distributed during the course of three football tournaments that HIRDA organised in Somalia.

As an organisation striving to make a difference in a war-torn country, our foremost objective is to facilitate and promote peace among young Somalis through addressing issues ranging from the ongoing violence to the prejudice between different clans. And, it’s on this very proposition that our Sport and Development Programme is predicated.


The sports kit come in handy as far as the continuation of our Sport and Development Programme in Somalia is concerned. Further, the kits will serve to motivate the Somali youth to join the programme and to work together as a team in order to, ultimately, build a lasting relationship amongst different Somali clans.


Three HIRDA Tournaments 
HIRDA's three football tournaments took place at a secondary school in Mogadishu, at an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp in Galgajoh, and, at an orphanage in Boorama, respectively. The tournament players donned the newly distributed kits from the Ajax Foundation.


Football and Somalis are inseparable
Football and Somalis are inseparable companions dating back to pre-civil war times and, today, football is still a special kind of sport among Somali youths. This is the reason HIRDA focuses on football in its Sport, Peace and Development programme - To reach young Somalis from different backgrounds and/or clans to facilitate peace and educate them about the importance of their role in the future.

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