Ajax Foundation donates sport clothing


Ajax Foundation donated seven boxes of sport clothing to HIRDA. The clothes go to Somali youngsters among twenty schools in Southern-Somalia. Together with this school network, HIRDA organises sport activities to raise awareness on peace building among the children. Sport brings people from different backgrounds together on neutral ground, and generates a community of trust. HIRDA is very pleased with this generous gesture of Ajax Foundation, which enables the sport activities to be run succesfully. 

Youngsters in Somalia are a volnerable group, who run the risk of being crimped by militias. On top of that there exists a lot of violence between different clans on local level. Within the field of Sport, Peace and Development HIRDA has established soccer teams among all its partner schools. Through soccer HIRDA tries to bring Somali children from different backgrounds together to talk about judgements and prejudices of each other and about the dangers of local miitias. This way HIRDA tries to transform negative attitudes and violent behavior into reconcilliation and contributions to sustainable peace in Somalia. In the past this project has resulted in many friendships between youngsters of different regions. HIRDA strives to provide these students decent sport clothing and attributes and requested Ajax Foundation for support. Ajax Foundation replyed to be touched deeply by the important role sport can play in the lives of the children in Somalia. They were happy to be able to support this initiative by donating sport clothing.

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