For effective and efficient implementation of its projects in Somalia, HIRDA established an office in the country itself. And, to realise an additional capacity for fundraising amongst the Somali Diaspora, HIRDA also set up an office in the United Kingdom. HIRDA’s board and management team are, together with the executive body, based in the Netherlands. Together, they coordinate the activities in Somalia as well as in the Netherlands. 

HIRDA Board Members

President Eng. Mohamed Abdisalan Egal
Vice President Dr. Ismail Ali
Board Member M. Sc. Mahgoub Idris
Secretary Sahra Abdi
Treasurer Abdishakuur Halene

HIRDA Netherlands

Director Fatumo Farah
Project Officer PlayOut Abdinour Mohamed
Project Officer Linked Up & Learn   Faiza Abbas 
Freelance ICT Abdullahi Egal
Volunteer Moderartor Online Group Said Handule 
Volunteer Administration Hamdi Mahmud 
Volunteer Amserdam Futsal Tournament Salah Hassan Omer
Volunteer Communications Aisha Ahmed 
Volunteer Graphic Designer 
Communication Intern 

International Business Management Interns 


Barbara Neves 
Cabdirahman Mahdi 

Abdullahi Mohamed 
Mjasnik Abraamjan

HIRDA Somalia

Regional Director Hassan Abdi Keynaan
Project Officer Karen J. Moraa
Health & Nutrition coordinator Abdiwali A. Jama
Somaliland  Representative Abdirahman Doodi
Project Officer Aaden Hassan
Financial Officer Fatumo Mohamed
Project Officer (Kismaio) Ahmed Farah Aweys
Project Officer (Abdudwak) Awil Abdale 


is Indepedent organisation, registered 

in UK with their own board of trustee  
more info see UK charity commision  
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